Armonia Spa at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica

Pueblobonito Pacifica Spa

Pueblobonito Pacifica SpaArmonia is one of those Spanish words that are easily translated into English โ€“ Harmony. That is what you find as soon as you enter the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf and Spa Resort in Cabo San Lucas. Pools sparkle inside and out of the entrance to the Pacifica Hotel with the vast Pacific Ocean waves pounding beyond.

Let your nose lead you right to the aromatic Armonia Spa. Gender specific locker rooms include an intimate enclosed wet room. The hot Jacuzzi has jets positioned for both ankles and the lower back. The opposing cold plunge pool next to it is as icy as a Scandinavian stream in February. Between the two is a table with iced cloths and cucumber slices. Take one into the small well functioning steam room to dab your neck while the aroma of hot eucalyptus clears your passages. Dry off and sink into the lounge chairs of the relaxation room with a cup of tea or infused water. Personnel are attentive with a warm neck wrap and refills. Magazines are handy and the screen above is mesmerizing with animated floral transformations akin to a digital kaleidoscope.

Your name is called before you know it for a choice of luxury facials, body treatments and/or massages. For the Signature Armonia Personalized Massage, you will pick your scent of oil to be applied liberally with a fusion of Eastern and Western techniques. Smoothly, thoroughly, with whispered pressure confirmations stress and kinks are eliminated.

After treatments, the pools and beach provide more relaxation, more service from concierge and since you are staying at the all-inclusive Pueblo Bonito, tasty food and beverages of choice top it off. Spatacular? Si, si!ย



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