Carolina Chapters – Olde English District Part 4

20141024_110905Edgewater Golf Club

Years back after the rounds at the somewhat rowdy Phoenix Open, fans would pile into 20141024_081943the Bird’s Nest – a large tent, with the Texas band “Duck Soup” rocking and rolling. After a few libations the chant would begin….Fuuu –zy, Fuuu-zy and Mr. Zoeller would oblige, joining the VIP party section. Today there is a parking spot reserved at the 20141024_082242Edgewater Golf Club for Fuzzy Zoeller. In fact, this championship caliber Bruce Brodsky design is the anchor of the Fuzzy Zoeller Signature Community. Fuzzy’s iconic duck appears inside the clubhouse.  An egret serves for the logo and flocks of wild turkey graze throughout while golfers hope for their own birdies on the seven-mile cart path journey through the secluded forests along the Catawba River. Wide fairways and expansive greens are generous.  Heavy bunkering is common with silky sand for explosive outs. The course winds up and down ridgebacks, out to the shores of the Catawba River, best viewed on number 7 past the green of the dogleg left. Just three years new, the agronomy is a work in progress on this gorgeous layout.  In fall the tall pines are dotted with brilliant red leaf trees. Mornings are brisk with a beautiful sunrise – God’s show in God’s 20141024_081921country. Temps rise along the way so layering is wise.

Homes and sites are available in this secluded community, just a few miles outside Lancaster and Springdale, centrally located between Charlotte and Columbia. Tribute Homes claim it is “Where community is more than a 20141024_090553concept, it is a lifestyle.” The Lady Egrets created a garden on the golf course and conducted a recent Rally for the Cure Weekend. Tribute Day Trippers venture out on festival and museum trips while the men started a new bowling league. Only 30 members share the Edgewater Golf Club but more are welcome to escape the city life for good country living in the Olde English District of South Carolina. This beautiful course is Bruce Brodsky’s first design. Let’s see more! Fuzzy, Fuzzy, Fuzzy.

The Olde English District is a lot of ground to cover and we haven’t brushed the surface so to narrow your options and customize the right package for you, trust Ricky Saucier’s team at


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