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Sabila Spa

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The Sabila Spa in Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto in Danzante Bay is named after the indigenous healing plant. Some use the green sabila as a digestive aid, some for topical healing applications and more. Herb extracts are incorporated in the broad menu of spa treatments from scrubs to massages.

A vibrant light, yet bright green is the color scheme of the Sabila spa that induces well being. The wet area has the ultimate hydration therapies with various hot and cold pools, tubs (one with floating bits of aloe), showers and saunas. Plan to spend time before and after treatments. The floor to ceiling window provides a very peaceful mountain view for meditating or napping. Guided meditation sessions are complimentary to guests.

An extension of the spa is found along the virgin beach where a soulful Hector explained the Solatorio, a path of healing with a circular yoga center, compass and walled fire pit where “the teacher” leads holistic Aztecan rituals. He explained the process in a soft lilting voice and demonstrated how she would blow into her conch, “tooooot” as it resounds off the mountain.

The Villa del Palmar feels like a secret excluded retreat on the Sea of Cortez, which Jaques Cousteau called “The Aquarium of the World” because 40% of the global marine life thrives here. It was the 2016 World Travel Award Winner as Mexico & Central America’s Leading Resort and USA Today 10 Best Reader’s Choice award winner, just to name a few. See more about the resort, activities and Sabila Spa at


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