The Hiapsi Spa at the Casino Del Sol Resort in Tucson, Arizona

Hiapsi SpaHiapsi means “heart and soul” which is exactly what the Pasqua Yaqui tribe has infused into the spa with their philosophy of care and rituals. Alternative medicine men from the Pasqua Yaqui people have shared their rituals involving herbs, and oils to heal in ways you might not know you needed. They have passed down their combinations to licensed massage and aesthetic therapists; knowledge the public would otherwise not receive.  While there may be similar treatments in other spas, the combination of services and presentation of them are unique to being at one with peace and the earth as learned from the Pasqua Yaqui medicine men.

It all begins in the relaxation room with a bio foot energy bath treatment to draw toxins out of the body. A warm neck wrap, soothing music and a large screen of nature scenes melt away inner stress. Copal, a resin derived from a tree sap is burned as incense to spiritually cleanse and dissolve stress energy. Breathe in as the feet soak in the floor tub. A cartridge in the middle with sea salts contract together to circulate and draw out the toxins as the water changes color based on the negative percentage in the body.  A belief is that darker colors mean more toxins are being extracted but this is not necessarily proven. In our experience though, the fried food/chip eater did have darker water.  In any case, the benefits are always detoxing and a weight seems to lift off the shoulders. It is a recommended transition to any service you might choose.

Therapists team together, checking on status, replenishing infused water or tea and explaining therapy rituals and options. Bergamot, rose oil and many more are offered in the treatments to match the desired mood or outcome.  Would you like to be relaxed, grounded, or uplifted? They will help you choose. Individually or in a couple’s room the therapists have just the right touch. Liz gave the best Swedish massage while Tara expertly delivered the Flower Ritual, applying aromatic oil drops to the spine, smoothly fanning out the effects and applying acupressure at points that delivered a rejuvenated sense and muscle relaxation equivalent to a sports massage. During the procedures, a special treat of paraffin was painted on hands and feet with what felt like a feather brush, softening the most abused skin on our bodies. Side by side, yet both in outer space, the couple’s treatment room filled the bill.

Casino Del Sol Resort viewSeveral folks touted the signature facial during our stay at Casino Del Sol, so we had to indulge and so glad we did. This service too, can be performed together. A warm steam blows over the pores as the body is cocooned in blankets and the face gently massaged, scrubbed, hydrated, and hydrated more with Anakira products. The neck, arms and hands are massaged during the deep pore oatmeal mask application. Baby soft and bright skin emerges.

The relaxation room doors open to the elegant, grand pool flanked by two very therapeutic Jacuzzis, arched fountains and desert mountains in the vista. It is no wonder the regular local clientele is so huge at this Forbes 4- star and other awards winning spa. The Casino Del Sol Resort also received the same high awards. Combined with the new and incredible Sewailo golf course, it is a destination in itself for any visitors. Whatever treatment, you will be happy and it so affordable, you may pick several at


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