Four Seasons Resort Lanai Spa

Four Seasons Resort Lanai Spa

Lanai at Manele BayFour Seasons Lanai at Manele Bay is a treat of textures at every turn. Woods, metals, art and flowers all collaborate to heighten the senses. And then there is the ahh, Spa. An island ritual is performed first, involving a foot scrub and light pummeling of the soles with Kala au pai, small sticks made of guava wood that grow on the mountainside, preparing your soul for any of the Hawaiian therapies. Some are even available pool side overlooking the Pacific. Body treatments are as tropical as the surroundings, for example the Macadamia Sugar Scrub and Taro Honey Mask. Meditative wellness therapies fit into the paradise theme.

Top off the Hawaiian Massage with a scalp rub with coconut oil; let it bake in the sun, and leave it in as long as you like. Follow up with a natural sea salt treatment by swimming in the ocean, to be repeated at will. Situated on The Holo’poe Bay, an archeological site and a marine preserve, it is the grand canyon of the sea for snorkeling. Since no motor craft are allowed for a certain distance, it is also a haven for spinner dolphins performing cirque du soleil acts.

The Four Seasons will put a lump in your throat, take your breath away and fill you with peace and gratitude. It feels like a fantasy island. Book a room at the resort or take  a ferry day trip from Maui. It’s a wowie experience.

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