Hail Caesar and Vici Golf!

Cascata Golf Club

Hail Caesar and Vici Golf!

Caesars Palace is still the most palatial of hotels on the Vegas strip with its astounding Roman architecture, statues and art inside and out on its expansive property. Caesars Entertainment encompasses much more than the famous Forum Shops with fountains and blue atmospheric skyscape, more than the Casinos, sports betting, spa and fabulous shows inside the Palace. Cross the street for the promenade, a side strip of musicians, bars, restaurants and hop on the High Roller – the world’s largest observation wheel. A slow 30-minute ride up and around the colorful wheel displays all the angles of the strip including the fountain show at the Bellagio. Reaching 500 feet at the apex, the enclosed cabins are so spacious there is room to dance and music is played by a DJ on screen that will set your feet in motion. Lights, lights, all the lights of the strip at night, action! Viva Las Vegas. 

Two high roller options for golf are 30 minutes away, designed by Rees Jones and managed by Vici Golf. Cascata is sprawled out in the foothills of the River Mountain Range just outside Vegas near Boulder City. The cascading waterfalls from the mountaintop gushes right through the Mediterranean clubhouse itself. An indoor staging area for the carts is located by the rushing waters for a very unique golf experience. The driving range faces the mountain cascades where a herd of big horn sheep entertain while grazing and dodging balls from the golfers. This is a perfect place to try out 2018 premium PXG clubs which are available as rentals. We mentioned high rollers, right? Callaway clubs may be rented as well for $25 less. The course rolls through the canyons with an elevated routing synonymous with Rees Jones designs. Ponds and streams are created by the cascading water from the top of the mountain. Hilltop panoramic views accentuate the memorable round. Wood grain lockers in the dressing rooms are adorned with gold plated labels inscribed with the guest’s name, just one of the over the top amenities at Cascata.

Vici Golf delivers more panoramic scenery at Rio Secco Golf Club, including a birds-eye view of the Vegas strip. Fairways follow the canyon floor to elevated tees and greens with million-dollar homes dotting the landscape without distracting from the natural home of road runners and coyotes that roam the course. Smokey Robinson’s house is seen from the driving range and Mike Tyson has a serious crib on hole #5. Rio Secco is also the home to Butch Harmon’s School of Golf, so you might get a glimpse of the top players in the world that come for their tune-ups or advice to improve their play. Or for about 40 grand high rollers can receive their own lesson plan. Conditions are always optimal at Vici’s properties as is the gourmet quality of food and service. The pro shops are fully equipped with the latest fashions, logoed for fitting souvenirs. Caddies are always required by Cascata, without exception and they too are exceptional. Vici makes golf a sure bet in Vegas and Vici Golf is doubling down by partnering with Troon Golf’s alliance program.

There is always something new in Vegas, especially in the culinary arena. Gordon Ramsay has many restaurants on the strip including Fish and Chips on the Promenade and Gordon Ramsay’s Pub and Grill inside Caesars Palace, but the latest addition is the most exciting of all – HELLS KITCHEN on the strip side of Caesars Entertainment sprawl. The popular TV cooking show by Ramsay is brought to life in an open kitchen atmosphere. Watch the ensuing chaos of the red and blue teams of chefs creating exquisite dishes, as flames dance behind them. You won’t hear the cursing and shouting, but you know that if the offering is not up to the finest of quality, they may be skewered! Just kidding, but you can get a scrolled personal note in a circular skewer across the top of the Gordon’s Notes cocktail, a light refreshing start of any dinner. Ours read, “Congratulations, you made the worst dish in the house tonight.” Thanks a lot. No offense was taken when their Beef Wellington melted in our mouth.  This is as fun as dining gets and patrons line up at the door to get in. To HELLS KITCHEN, Caesars Entertainment and Vici Golf, we say, “Hail, yes Caesar!”



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