Mountain stream on Lake Jocassee
They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so here are a few thousand words about The mountain lakes region of upstate South Carolina. Adventure awaits those wanting unspoiled exploration of mountain streams, waterfalls, hiking trails, fishing and golf. Oconee County is a great destination for all those breathtaking panoramic visuals.
Toxaway River Bridge
Hiking trail bridge over Toxaway River. This bridge is actually in North Carolina, but, the river flows into Lake Jocassee. There is a beautiful campground next to this area that can be found by boat or hiking trails. Lovely spot for a picnic with friends and family.
North Carolina stream on Lake Jocassee
Trout streams are numerous and abundant is this forested area of South Carolina.
Waterfalls on Lake Jocassee
There are over 20 waterfalls that flow into Lake Jocassee. All can be seen by boat. It is a photographer’s delight as light and shadows make for extraordinary scenes. As you can imagine, there are a lot of jumping off spots for kids of all ages.
Americasgolfingcouple on Chattooga River
What a day on Chattooga River. It was our first look at this iconic river made famous for a location of the “Deliverance” movie.
Chattooga River South Carolina
A perfect spot for picnic or just enjoying a place of beauty and harmony.
Chattooga River South Carolina
Chattooga River rapids. Check out the local outfitters that make a run through these rapids. You can take hiking trails right to this area. Easy walking paths provided.
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