Admiral’s Cup Pro Am Day 4

Following the fun intensity of a tournament victory, it was a doosey of a day with Dele and Maynard from St. Kitts-Nevis Tourism as we sped around the entire island stopping at many hot spots.First we went to the circus where unlike the rest of the island there are no monkeys. Beginning with the Circus Grill, Fourth Street is also known as Action Ave where demonstrations and social encounters take place. It is said that if you are looking for someone, this is the place, the Circus. The center is marked by a clock tower and the street ends at the Futbol stadium. Around the corner is Church Street with the state church and government offices where the prime minister has held his post for 17 years. We passed the International University of Nursing and the Veterinary school along the water’s edge. For any collegians with money, sense and a medical desire, this is the place to study.

Bloody Point is where the darker side of history unfolded as the British and French were going to assail the Caribs. The Chief of the Caribs meanwhile had his own affront planned and summoned support from the surrounding islands to drive out the invaders. His daughter however fell in love with Lt. Warner and shared her father’s plans leading to the wipeout of the native tribes, she included.

Next stop was brighter and prettier. The flora design and beauty of the Botanical Gardens at Romney Manor excite the senses with sweet aromas of exotic plant species from around the world that flourish in the rich volcanic soils of the rainforest. Once owned by Sam Jefferson, great, great, grandfather of Thomas Jefferson, the property was sold to Lord Romney in the late 17th century, no known connection to Mitt. The entrance is guarded by the 350 year-old Saman Tree that dominates the gardens. Massive in size, its roots are said to be larger than the presentation of its above ground self and is actually hurricane proof. A sense of perfect harmony permeates the terraces throughout the grounds. The rain forest beyond one side is where the zip line was constructed. One of the longest and most natural runs, this is an adventure to reserve early in the trip as the cruise ships take precedent when in port.

The Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park overlooks the northern section of the island. It is always amazing to learn the history of earlier explorers who built these massive walls and encampments without modern technology, a testament to the ingenuity of man. Passing the entrance to Kittitian Hill, we ventured around the tip of the north shore to The Black Rocks. The unbridled fury of the Atlantic Ocean brings its might to the massive volcanic rock formations along this shoreline. The thunderous roar of the waves tossing sea spray is almost deafening. For quiet serenity, contemporary settings and romantic dream immersion, the Ottley’s Plantation Inn is the place to stay. A completely restored 18th century sugar plantation on 35 acres of finely manicured botany, with a boutique hotel is creatively maintained by the Keusch and Lowell family owners. Marty is known as the plant whisperer, taking pride in new blooms such as “Fireworks”. The Mango Orchard Spa is a little cottage in a unique open-air setting looking over the rain forest where monkeys might entertain during treatments. Perched 500 feet above sea level, the grounds span panoramic views of the royal blue Atlantic while offering upscale dining of specially prepared island flavors. It is no wonder the Kittitian Hill employees stay there when in town and most likely found inspiration for their enhanced luxury construction, taking their concept to an even higher level. The Shiggidy Shack beach restaurant for dinner, complete with fire dancers and a local band ends another perfect day. Grilled rock lobster, snapper and ribs are their specialties.

We hate to leave and pay keen attention on our last day, trying to memorize the soothing sounds of the waves as we pack. A quick trip to Christophe Harbour finalized our island tour. The construction of the Tom Fazio course and community will completely change the perception of golf in this area of the Eastern Caribbean. Scheduled to open in 2015, the layout will rival any great links course with similarities to Old Head. Mountain plateau and valley routing will ensure each player a view of downtown Bassterre and Mt. Liamiuga to the north and the Island of Nevis to the south. The upscale semi-private club will include the only private marina on the island, a tennis and beach club with dining area and pools, unparalleled in comfort and beauty with all the toys. We took a long stroll along the beach, enjoying the beauty and bidding farewell to our friends. The memories of the Admiral’s Cup Pro-Am by The Golf Connection will last a lifetime and our return visit to these islands will be sooner than later. A small and intimate island, every spot has a mountain view and ocean too – a beautiful place to tour or live!

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