The Refuge

waterfall_photoYes, take refuge in Carmel’s water world of serenity. Two acres in the Santa Lucia preserve define relaxation with hot and cold cycles of invigoration blended with quiet, cozy rest areas. Bring your bathing suit and flip-flops and check in early for your soft warm robe, towels and locker key.  Confirm your (optional but highly recommended) massage time and let the hydrothermal cycling begin. Heat up for 5-10 minutes in the cedar sauna, eucalyptus steam room or one of 6 hot pools, tucked into the natural settings with warm pounding waterfalls. Then cool down for 10-60 seconds in one of the cold plunge areas. Snowflakes and suns symbolize the extremity of heat or cold in the pools, one flake for Pacific Ocean water temperature, and two for an icy river equivalent. Refreshing would be a joke of a term for any of the cold spots, hence the 10 second minimum. Complete the cycle silently relaxing inside or out in comfortable lounge areas or hammock. Recommended time is 10-15 minutes but it is your time and there are no timers. All areas are coed except for the locker rooms where you will wisely leave your smartphone. Go where and when you want. All massages are $109 and include Aromatherapy as well as the Refuge admission ($44 by itself). The math is a no brainer. Let your inner balance lead and pace you throughout the wonderful Refuge before heading back to the charming Carmel-By-the-Sea.  Open 365 days a year, rain, shine or fog. Visit www.refuge.comsauna_glen_melissa_ben_cmyk_pr-fix-floor-copy



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